Flooring Design Consultant London, Ontario

Flooring Ideas from A-1 Flooring London

A-1 Flooring in London, Ontario has innovative and experienced staff ready to help with all flooring needs. With years of experience, our staff combine the practices of functional space planning while working with high-end materials and top-notch design esthetics. We can help you determine whether a traditional, rustic flooring might work better for your space, or if you’re looking for modern flooring.

At A-1 Flooring London our staff offer a wide range of services, which include extensive knowledge regarding flooring selections, kitchen backsplash, single room solutions and an entire home makeover. They will ensure close attention to detail is made, without compromising design.

Our staff here at A-1 Tile and Carpet Centre will work hard to ensure the design remains within your budget to guarantee an exceptional outcome. Whether you are in need of advice for choosing the right selection of materials or bringing cohesiveness into the design of your home, our staff will provide quality results by exemplifying beauty and function, as well as superior customer service.